• Pascha, my homebred 9 y/o is fed on Fast Fibre. She is a very good doer, so Fast Fibre is ideal as I know she is getting a balanced diet even when on restricted grazing. Her coat looks fantastic and she is less 'girthy'. Her 'girthiness' was an initial factor into scouting for a new feed as she has displayed mild gastric ulcer symptoms previously, hence being attracted to Allen & Page's Barley & Molasses Free Range. She also gets a daily handful of Power and Performance, which is increased before competing.
    Ellie Brewer, Aspaja
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  • I struggled with Elmo’s weight last winter. I called Allen & Page who recommended Cool & Collected, which he loved. He definitely improved, however once the spring grass had been munched down he started to drop weight again. I reported back to Allen & Page who suggested moving Elmo up to Calm & Condition. He is now maintaining the perfect weight, looks fantastic and remained trainable. Thank you Allen & Page!
    Emma Atkinson, Elmo
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  • Both our 27 year old veteran pony and 15 year old warmblood are thriving on a combination of Fast Fibre and Veteran Light. I couldn't be more pleased with the results I have had for two very different horses on A&P feeds!
    Catherine Boyd, Duchess & Rosie - Hannoverian and Dartmoor
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  • My thoroughbred is very highly strung and he really struggles to keep weight on. I came across your new feed, Soothe & Gain! It does as it says on the bag! Since feeding Soothe & Gain, he has had no aggression and gained 9.4kg!! The feed soaks in 5 minutes and forms a lovely mash which he cannot wait to tuck into! This is also the most affordable method of weight gain feed I have ever tried! I cannot thank you all enough as I have battled with his weight for a long time now!
    Kylie Munro, Thoroughbred
  • My Thoroughbred began to lose weight as he got older. I contacted Allen & Page and transitioned Beau onto Calm & Condition, which he loves! Since being on this, Beau is gaining weight and has a brilliant shine! Beau raced for 12 years and at 20 years old he’s still going strong, thanks to Allen & Page will be looking good for years to come!
    Hayley Jackson, Bywell Beau - TB
    Hayley Jackson
  • I have fed Allen & Page for many years and my horses all thrive on your feed range. My veteran
    Crimewave II, 22 years old, absolutely loves Veteran Vitality and Calm & Condition and his coat
    always shines beautifully. People often ask me what products I use to make my horses coats shine and I tell them it all comes from within the Allen & Page feed, keeping Crimewave II in tip top condition all year round.
    Jane Harper, Crimewave II - TB
    Jane Harper
  • I bred Darcy and have owned her all her life, we have always used Allen & Page horse feeds. We feed plenty of Fast Fibre all year, just reducing slightly when the grass comes through. I found that it is the only feed that keeps Darcy in tip top condition throughout the year and in a sane manner for all activities. It is easy to use the she loves it and is also very reasonably priced.
    Louise Michaelides, Darcy - British Sports Horse
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  • William is 22yrs and thrives on his Veteran Light, coming third at this year’s Veteran Nationals in the Supreme In Hand Final. He’s flying the flag for ‘golden oldies’ and still competing in dressage and showing with my daughter.
    Becky Young, Hilin Sweet William
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  • My horse is now 35, he lives out and is still in light work. In his late 20’s his dental problems meant he had more and more trouble eating hay. I was reluctantly deciding he would have to go, till I started using Fast Fibre. This has saved his life, as it has so many good points.

    He is a good doer and needs frequent feeding, so I feed him Fast Fibre without fear of making him fat. It is very easy to adjust the amount, so he stays the same weight with no seasonal too fat/too thin problems. It is perfect for keeping him hydrated in both winter and summer.
    Joanna Halliwell, Star - Cob x Dales
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  • Dan has now finished his first endurance season, so is now resting ready for next year. He's been fantastic all season! I've managed to maintain him on Fast Fibre, which has been great, as he doesn't tend to drink when we are away, so feeding Fast Fibre really wet has been incredibly beneficial for keeping him hydrated.
    Charlotte Scott, Dan - TBx
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