• I love Allen & Page Feeds, as Alvin is particularly fussy but I have always found that he adores the soaked feeds like Calm & Condition, which he was on previously.
    Hannah Fyvie, Alvin - New Forest Pony
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  • Alfie (25 years old) is a good doer, and has very sensitive skin. Fast Fibre has suited him perfectly. He is also intolerant to sugar, but as Fast Fibre is barley and molasses free, it doesn’t make him silly. He is still out successfully competing in Mountain and Moorland classes as well as Veteran.
    Felicity Pooley, Alfie - Welsh Section D
    Simone and Alfie
  • Hamish or Mish as he is known to his friends, is well known for not only his colour but his cheeky antics in the stable and the ring. In March 2017 after a winter off Mish started feeling his age after not acting it, so I made the decision to completely retire him. Which suited him until recently. This is where I introduced Veteran Vitality in to his life. In April 2018 I changed him on to your feed and in January 2019 he was introduced back in to work, and in March 2019 he went to his first affiliated Jumping show in 7 years, where he had the fastest time but knocked a very unlucky pole. At his second affiliated show and first stay away, he jumped 3 days out of 4, he achieved 3 out of 3 double clears and came 1st, 2nd and 3rd!

    He is now fed on Veteran Vitality and Power & Performance and I get loads of comments about how good he looks.
    Brooke Roberts-Morgan, Hamish - Irish Sports Horse
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  • Robyn is a different mare after 12 weeks on this feed! Her weight has increased; she has filled out and has a super shine to her coat. Most importantly she is no longer an anxious tucked up mare and now has an affectionate calm demeanour.
    Bev Lynn, Robyn - Hanovarian
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  • Dan has now finished his first endurance season, so is now resting ready for next year. He's been fantastic all season! I've managed to maintain him on Fast Fibre, which has been great, as he doesn't tend to drink when we are away, so feeding Fast Fibre really wet has been incredibly beneficial for keeping him hydrated.
    Charlotte Scott, Dan - TBx
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  • I have been using Soothe & Gain on my event horse for the past couple of months now. He isn’t the best eater and is very fussy! Since being on Soothe & Gain he has improved 100%! He now clears his dinner and breakfast up in a matter of minutes rather than hours, he is absolutely glowing and has just the right amount of weight for his workload and fitness levels. He looks that good he even took pride of place at my wedding!
    Francesca Page, Dan
    Francesca Page
  • I was recommended Cool & Collected as we wanted something low in starch and sugar to help Niche wind down from her racing career. Over the last year Niche has adapted well to a busy livery yard environment with horses going in and out and being fed different times of day. Unfortunately, Niche cut her leg, which needed box rest, still being fed Cool & Collected, she was an angel on box rest. She is now fit and well and progressing in her ridden work. Thank you Cool & Collected.
    Michelle Taylor, Niche in the Market
    Michelle Taylor
  • Spike has always been fed Fast Fibre, but as he is very fit now and his workload is harder he moved up to Cool & Collected, plus some Power & Performance before competitions. He is doing amazingly on it and his energy levels have definitely risen!
    Pat Pomp, Spike
    Pat Pomp Spike
  • My favourite Allen & Page feed is Fast Fibre, it's great for the youngsters. I have often found that a simple high fibre diet that is balanced with essential vitamins and minerals is enough for them to successfully start their showjumping careers.
    Hayley Stevens, Warmblood
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  • I wanted to thank you for your wonderful feeds. When we purchased Royal Opera, he was a bag of bones, with gastric ulcers and serious attitude. A hurdler of Cheltenham Festival ability, he had fallen on hard times through dubious owners. He is now fed on Calm & Condition, and is looking great, with a much improved attitude. He has since been retrained, and can be seen eventing at BE100, he also qualified for the 2018 ROR showing championships.
    Elizabeth Johnson, Royal Opera - TB
    royal opera2