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Our Innovative, family-owned company has four generations of experience and we use only natural ingredients of the highest quality in our horse feeds.

  • Care Gain crop

    Care & Gain

    Care & Gain is a high calorie feed suitable for those prone to laminitis. Care & Gain is ideal for poor doers who need to gain weight or those requiring higher energy levels, whilst keeping starch and sugar levels low.

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  • Muscle Focus

    Muscle & Focus

    Muscle & Focus is a performance feed (10.5MJ/kg DM) suitable for horses and ponies requiring stamina, focus and support for healthy muscle development and recovery.

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  • Allen Page Soothe Gain Sack Image Web0.25x

    Soothe & Gain

    Soothe & Gain is a high calorie, low starch and low sugar soaked feed, suitable for horses prone to gastric ulcers. With a high calorie/energy level it is ideal for those in...

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  • L Mix 1

    ‘L’ Mix

    Chaff based feed Combined starch and sugar level of only 5.25% Increased chewing time Learn more
  • Calm Condition v2

    Calm & Condition

    Calm & Condition® is a soaked feed for horses who need to put on or maintain condition.
    Formulated without barley, Calm & Condition® is suitable for horses and ponies in medium...

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  • Power and Performance

    Power & Performance

    Power & Performance is our revolutionary, high energy competition feed, ideal for horses in harder work, particularly those who tend to be fizzy or sharp on traditional...

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  • Veteran Vitality

    Veteran Vitality

    Veteran Vitality® has been specially formulated for horses and ponies from the first signs of ageing. Using only the finest Non-GM ingredients, Veteran Vitality® provides all the...

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  • Veteran Light

    Veteran Light

    Veteran Light provides all the nutritional requirements for optimum health in older horses and ponies yet it has a low calorie/energy level, ideal for those who hold weight well...

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  • Ride Relax

    Ride & Relax

    Ride & Relax is a palatable, light, muesli mix for horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work. Suitable for horses with an intolerance to barley or molasses, Ride...

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  • Cool Collected

    Cool & Collected

    Cool & Collected® has been specially formulated for horses and ponies at rest or in light to medium work. Cool & Collected® is low in starch, which makes it ideal for horses and...

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  • Stud Youngstock Mix copy

    Stud & Youngstock Mix

    Stud & Youngstock Mix has elevated levels of micronutrients and is usually fed in the last three months of gestation and during lactation. It is also suitable for working...

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  • Quiet Mix2

    Quiet Mix

    If your horse or pony is at rest, in light work or ridden every now and then, Quiet Mix® is the ideal choice. It provides the essential nutrients your horse needs, but without too...

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  • Quiet Cubes v2

    Quiet Cubes

    If your horse is at rest, in light work or ridden occasionally, but requires a maintenance diet, Quiet Cubes provides a low energy feed with added mint.

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  • Old Fathfuls Special Blend 1

    Old Faithful’s Special Blend

    Old Faithful’s Special Blend provides easily digestible ingredients to maintain condition, as well as high quality protein. For use at whatever age your horse starts to drop off...

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  • Herbal Quiet Mix copy 1

    Herbal Quiet Mix

    Based on the original Quiet Mix, with the additional benefits of alfalfa and carefully selected premium grade herbs, including mint, garlic, rosemary, sage, thyme, nettle and...

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  • Weight Gain Mix

    Weight Gain Mix

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    • Feature three
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